_The speed of dark? Half of 0? Nothing. Failure. The essential ingredient of success. A.G. Rojas. Thesis: mother. Anti-thesis: father. Synthesis: child. Abteen Bagheri. In the beginning. Adam Berg. An edgeless shape. Racking into focus. Alex Hulsey. Light. Aneil Karia. YOUR IDEA. Bear Damen. You’re its shepherd. Bernd Faass. Not its engineer. C Prinz. Guide it to the right field. Nourish it under the right roof. Calle Åstrand. And it will grow. Christian Larson. Grow strong. Christopher Riggert. In the mirror of a second mind. CLIQUA. Perfected. Crystal Moselle. By the secret ingredient. Daniel Wolfe. Love. François Rousselet. And laughter. Gary Freedman. Load the joke. Georgia Hudson. Tighten the spring. Hanna Maria Heidrich. Tighter. Ian Pons Jewell. Tighter. ILLIMITÉWORLD ooo, are those donuts? OWWW my eye! ;( It works on the page. J.M. Harper. Now it can get made. Joanna Nordahl. Yet, it can get better. Joji Koyama. Keep searching. Justyna Obasi. Lost. We found them. A hero with a thousand faces. Kim Gehrig. Cast. Marleen Valien. Bringing a performance so spontaneous it’s real. Matias & Mathias. But the light’s fading. Matthew Dillon Cohen. And they’ve forgotten their line. And it’s started hailing. Max Weiland. Are we going to make it in time? Stop. Miles Jay. Breathe. We’re exactly where we’re meant to be. Nick Ball. Back to one. Naghmeh Pour. Role. Speed. Nick Gordon. Time stops. Two birds cross right behind her. Niklas Weise. They were needed somewhere. Nina Holmgren. Here. Quentin Deronzier. She’s laughing through tears. Raine Allen-Miller. We saw. Roger Guàrdia. Afterwards, nothing was quite the same again. Rollo Jackson. Cut. Sam Hibbard. Wrap. Seb Edwards. May we see what we can’t. Sebastian Strasser. Colour. In all its complexity. Simon Cahn. The happy-fun-funny-sad truth. Terence Neale. But your idea is not yours. It belongs to itself now. Theo Lindquist. It’s powerful. Thibaut Grevet. And the only safe thing to do with power. Is to share it. Will Dohrn. Just please. Please. Don’t watch me on a phone.