Justyna Obasi

Justyna Obasi

Driven by the urge to understand the world and its protagonists, Justyna takes one look closer at everything.

A visual artist by training, Justyna employs colors, textures and format to service a narrative purpose. Growing up with Polish and Nigerian parents in multiple countries and environments contributed to her gift for salvaging moments of genuine beauty wherever they may appear.

Justyna was trained to direct actors at the National Film and Television School (NFTS) in Beaconsfield and yet she enjoys putting real people in front of a camera to feed on authentic and unfiltered emotion.

With her intuitive and fearless approach to film making, Justyna has created an intimate and equally dynamic voice directing award-winning campaigns for clients such as Meta, Google and Adidas.

As well as an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Commercial, her co-directed Facebook film “Skate Nation Ghana”, grew to international recognition as it raked in a slew of awards, including five D&AD pencils, a British Arrow, a gold Clio, a Grand Prix at CICLOPE Africa, a Silver Lion at Cannes and four top honours at AICP - permanently placing the film in the archive of the Museum of Modern Art as the Best Advertising Campaign 2022.

Justyna lives between Berlin and Lagos.