Joanna Nordahl

Joanna Nordahl

Joanna Perez Nordahl is an award-winning Swedish-Brazilian film director, artist and powerhouse. Her strengths lie in her emotionally-charged storytelling, her world-class craftsmanship, her authenticity and her power with performance. Her body of work not only showcases her range as a creator, with countless music videos, short films, commercials, concert visuals and performance art pieces under her belt, but as a visionary too.

“Dear Condom” for the Swedish Association for Sexual Health, received the most highly respected advertising award in Sweden - The Golden Egg - as well as Best Marketing To Youth at the prestigious Sabre Awards in Washington, and a Global Top 12 spot out of 5,000 entries.  The “Pink Ribbon” campaign that she wrote and directed for Cancerfonden in the same year played a significant role in breaking the organisation’s fundraising record.

“Family Diary” for WhatsApp won her a slew of awards at Clio, LIA, NYF Advertising, Shots and ADC. The film traced a family group chat that became a sacred line of communication during the peak of the recent pandemic – a heartfelt look into the connections, whether digital or not, within and between humanity and technology.

In 2022, Joanna shared “Second Chance” for eBay - a touching piece about a man who decides to restore a car that he and his brother cherished in their adolescence, in an actual effort to mend their now broken relationship.

Her latest performance piece with long-time collaborator and dancer, Ludwig Daae, used A.I. to analyse hundreds of internet dances to create the ultimate viral dance.