Sebastian Strasser


Apparat Trailer

Mercedes-Benz Bertha Benz

Volkswagen Kid's Dreams

Mercedes-Benz Time To Look Up Again

Vodafone Add Power - Director's Cut

Volkswagen Basketball

Audi Service Mechanics


Sebastian Strasser is a German director. His works have been honoured with more than 150 awards, including 16 Cannes Lions and multiple Golds at all major festivals around the world. He has been listed #13 in the Gunn Report’s Most Awarded Commercial Directors ranking. Recently his 180/sec interpretation of the story of Bertha Benz for Mercedes won him 4 Cannes Lions.

Powerful brands such as Mercedes, Vodafone, Heineken, BMW and VW have been working with Sebastian for years as he embodies pure perfection, devoting his attention to the smallest of details in all stories and images he creates for each individual client.

Sebastian is based in Los Angeles and Berlin.