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Tristan Holmes


Hailing from the chaotic urban sprawl of Johannesburg South Africa, Tristan was brought up a cultural nomad. Early life was an undulating tapestry of strange places, people and faces, a complex collection of anthropological opposites unique to a life in Africa. A dreamer by nature, moulded by the sheer visceral beauty and tragedy inherent in living life fully, Tristan took to story and images with the the same rampant enthusiasm then, as he does today.

By seven the was writing up a storm and winning awards for his short plays. By thirteen he was a star presenter on local television and by twenty three had seen his films on the screen at Cannes, Vienna, Mill Valley, and was a winner of a Student Academy Award. Growing up in the largest African metropolis, Tristan has been uniquely exposed to important and now increasingly relevant cultural paradigms. In a world where monoculture prevails and search for meaning and authenticity buckle under the weight of ubiquitous artifice, Tristan is a voice of reason, a soothsayer, a truth seeker and celebrator of authentic beauty.

His work carries a texture and sensitivity that resonates across platforms. He has shown a capacity to move audiences and to evoke strong emotional responses. With a passionate immersion in the execution of his concepts he presents a view of the world that is at once intimate and epic, strange and familiar, far reaching and yet quietly felt.