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ANORAK Talks… with Theo Lindquist

“To me, experimental cinema involves exploring innovative ways of visually expressing ideas, and the narrative aspect offers a more classical structure that allows a deeper exploration of concepts, that connect emotionally with the audience. My goal’s always to mine to the core of an idea, create a meaningful narrative, and bring it to life with captivating visuals.” – Theo on his artform.


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Theo Lindquist


Theo Lindquist is a British-American interdisciplinary visual artist who’s work spans creative direction, photography and film. He has created arresting images for many of the world’s leading brands including Gucci, Bvlgari, Adidas and Vogue. Today, he specializes in experimental narrative cinema and has exhibited his award-winning films at institutions such as the Louvre and most recently The Broad Museum, where he presented Lykke Li’s EYEYE, a multi-format visual album that challenges traditional music videos’ role in contemporary culture. Other notable projects include Metagram: The World’s First Glasses-Free All-Axis Holographic Film Experience.