Niklas Weise


Mercedes-Benz A-Class Life Cycle / Compact Cars

Edeka Erika

Samsung Knox Pants Down

Mercedes-Benz GSP Flyer

Toom Spaten

Toom Laminat

Adidas Heiner Brand Auf Jobsuche

Coca-Cola Wer's Nicht Probiert Wird's Nicht Erleben

Niklas Weise


Niklas is an award-winning commercial director and a highly original voice in German advertising, blessed with a dry sense of humour and a refreshingly unconventional view of the world. His work is based on a firm foundation of performance-based comedy, populated by believable characters, and polished with a stunning visual style.

After studying film directing in New York, Niklas moved back to Germany in 1997, where he soon made a name for himself as an in-demand music video and commercials director. He collaborated with major advertising agencies such as Wieden & Kennedy, Jung von Matt and Heimat, and has been honoured at numerous industry awards like the German Art Directors Club, the Austrian Art Directors Club and The Cannes Lions.