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Dollar Shave Club Borrowed For A Reason

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Geico Forest

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Nick Ball


Nick Ball knows there are some situations you simply shouldn’t laugh at – and he has built a career exploiting that. Following in the footsteps of many directors before him, Nick is a film school dropout who, driven by his passion for character development and crafting of cinematic worlds, has consistently proven himself to be a performance director who loves to push ideas and concepts as far as possible.

Nick’s work has achieved recognition from all major award shows, including Cannes, D&AD, One Show, CLIOS, LIA, AWARD, ADFEST, Ciclope, AICP and AXIS. In 2016, he took home an armful of Cannes Lions for his GEICO campaign, including the coveted Gold Lion in Film.

In 2017, Nick saw continued success as he earned over a dozen prizes from top festivals for his anti-drink driving campaign on behalf of the New Zealand Transport Agency. 2019 also brought about his second Super Bowl campaign, this time for Head & Shoulders, following an award-winning film for the Big Game in 2018 with Sprint.