James Fitzgerald


The Invisible Boy Trailer

Prizefight Bond Of Enemies

Ladies Gaelic Football Real Fan

The Funeral Suits The Way Back

Tony Card Cashless - Director's Cut

National AIDS Trust Rock The Ribbon

James Fitzgerald


James Fitzgerald is an emerging, multi-award-winning director from Ireland, bringing a wonderfully intriguing take on the world.  His work is characterized by strong art direction blended with strong performances, not without reminiscing early Dougal Wilson and Wes Anderson.

Fascinated by the work of Steven Spielberg and Stan Winston, James’s love for practical visual effects was the beginning of his journey into filmmaking. James initially started to hone his directing skills as a teenager, experimenting with camera and actors, playing with set make-up FX, building sets, and creating creatures out of cardboard boxes.

Fast forward a few years, his music video for The Funeral Suits shot him into mainstream acclaim in Ireland, while his short film “Skunky Dog” confirmed his potential as it went on to screen at some of the largest festivals around the world, picking-up a string of prestigious awards including 3 Royal Television awards at the British Film Institute and an Irish Film & Television Academy BAFTA nomination.

In 2016, James was selected for Future Frames – in association with Sundance and Variety Magazine – as one of the Ten New European Filmmakers to watch. Since then, he has spent his time directing commercials for agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, JWT, Grey, Publicis, as well as writing two features, and directing music videos for record labels like Sony, Universal, and Warner Brothers. In his free time, James takes photographs, watches movies, and sculpts monster heads from clay.