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Dro Fe Through It All

Wrangler Wear With Abandon | 2nd Unit Director

Old Dog Dream

Aidan Sheldon


Aidan Sheldon was born on the rocky coast of New England and has since made his way to Los Angeles as a director, photographer, and writer.  His early career spent in documentaries gave him the opportunity to work in some places few get to see, from Crimea to North Korea, and he carries the excitement and urgency of seeing something for the first time into all of his work.

With a lifelong passion in filmmaking, Aidan seeks to combine the authenticity of documentary with the intimacy of narrative, and thrives off building memorable characters and honest, powerful performances. In combination with a nuanced photographic eye, his work translates family, identity, and life’s fleeting moments into the uncanny experience of something cinematic and unique. His work has been featured by Kodak, HBO, and both Raindance and Atlanta film festivals.