Mini Cooper

Faith of a Few

Daniel Wolfe


Mini ǀ Jung von Matt

1x Gold for Cinematography 1x Silver for Direction 1x Bronze for Production Design

Volkswagen Kid's Dreams

Kids' Dreams

Sebastian Strasser


Grabarz & Partner


Carbon 7 (161)

Woof Wan-Bau



The video stars ballet dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert as he contorts and glides his way through a dim-lit warehouse space. Scott-Gilbert's broken, almost possessed movements provide a fitting visual for Jlin's dark, percussive rhythms.


When You Drive, Never Drink.

Gary Freedman



Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Best Never Rest

Rollo Jackson ǀ antoni


Time To Look Up Again

Sebastian Strasser



At some point in all of our lives we seem to forget the simple childhood joys of using our imaginations to create wondrous worlds. But perhaps we don't have to. Created by Sebastian Strasser and antoni this touching spot reminds viewers that its time we looked up again as a middle aged man taps back into the lost imagination of his youth.